qPCR Lentivirus Titer Kit


ViralSEQ Lentivirus Physical Titer Kit is an RT-qPCR assay for the quantification of genome-containing lentiviral particles in supernatants from cell-based bioproduction systems. The assay targets a conserved region (LTR) in the lentiviral vector genome and can be used with most lentiviral transfer plasmids. Compared to p24 ELISA methods, lentiviral quantification by RT-qPCR is more reproducible and specific for genome-containing particles.

ViralSEQ Lentivirus Physical Assay Kit Features:

  • Lentiviral genome-specific RT-qPCR assay for accurate viral particle counting
  • Assay design compatible with more than 200 lentivirus transfer plasmids
  • Includes Master Mix, TaqMan Assay Mix, and RNA Control
  • Configuration with available PrepSEQ kit for optimized RNA recovery

Integrated workflow solution

The ViralSEQ Lentivirus Physical Titer Kit is part of an integrated workflow for the characterization of viral vectors during biopharmaceutical manufacturing. The kit is compatible with the PrepSEQ Nucleic Acid Sample Preparation Kit (Cat. No. A50485), which offers both a manual and automated sample preparation workflow. For real-time PCR, the ViralSEQ kit has been validated on the Applied Biosystems 7500 Rapid Real-Time PCR System and the QuantStudio 5 Real-Time PCR System. AccuSEQ real-time PCR that provides accurate quantification and security, audit and electronic signature capabilities, to help enable compliance with 21 CFR Pt 11.

Wide dynamic range

The kit includes a synthetic RNA control to generate a standard curve, as well as internal positive controls. It allows quantification in 7 records of dynamic range from 50 copies to 109 copies for a range of titer values. Detection based on the TaqMan assay allows highly specific quantification.

Genomic detection and quantification of viral particles

Achieve specific quantification of genome-containing lentiviral particles using an RT-qPCR assay. Methods that rely on the measurement of HIV-1 p24 might overestimate viral particle counts to include partial capsids and free p24. The ViralSEQ Lentivirus Physical Titer Kit measures viral particles based on viral RNA, improving the specificity of quantification of genome-containing particles.

Complete characterization of lentiviruses

The ViralSEQ™ Lentivirus Physical Titer Kit can be used with the ViralSEQ™ Lentivirus Proviral DNA Titer Kit (Cat. No. A53561) for perfect correlation of postharvest qPCR data (count of particles containing the genome) and post-transduction (vector copy number analysis and infectious particle count). These kits provide a convenient method for correlating infectious and total lentiviral particles, facilitating lentiviral vector analysis in process development, optimization, and manufacturing quality control.

Storage: at -20°C in the dark for one year.

Transport: Dry ice (-70℃)

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